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Noel, me and Willam? Yes indeed!!

Being lame with my camera.


I did a small boudoir photo shoot with my co-worker. I hope more photos come out good. I was so nervous..


Another photo from the Boudoir shoot. I’ll be posting more after I edit more. 

My icon photo.


I flipping love how this one came out. Need to do a new one soon. #blackveins #blackeyes #redlips #edit

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Is there any Bring Me the Horizon fans out there?? There’s a show in March and I don’t want to go by myself. I’ll bring party and show favors!! :].

Paramore Concert! Way too fun. :].

Newest design. Not the big fan but it’s still a bow and cute regardless.

Hey Boos my name is Azzy and this is my personal blog with all the pictures I have taken and edited, Let me know what you think. I have another blog with Tumblr reblogs. Check it out. :].:: AimClickShoot.

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